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Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Featured, Optimizing Life, Virtual Assistant | 0 comments

The Assisting Evolution

The Assisting Evolution


Here are some of the cool tasks I’ve delegated this week:


1) We all dread making customer service calls, especially when the business we are calling reports “unusually high call volume.” My Zirtual Assistant saved me the pleasure of listening to Expedia’s hold music for nearly eighty minutes! By sharing my itinerary, she was able to cancel a flight and arrange for a travel credit.

2) Always the consummate grammar expert, my assistant proofed an office memo for me earlier this week. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes on important documents.

3) In support of my focus on education, my assistant followed up with a Montessori School Administrator to schedule a campus visit.


1) This week I leveraged Fancy Hands to assist with research for a blog post. In short order, a Fancy Hands assistant transcribed an eight-minute YouTube video for me.

2) Have you heard of Uber, the private on-demand private driver service? I had Fancy Hands assistants investigate if they offered fixed rate fares to and from the airport.

3) I currently use Evernote to gather resources. I saved a ton of time this week by having a Fancy Hands assistant consolidate multiple lists into a single document. I received a single list, without duplicates, from ten online resources. I then used this information to draft a blog post for your enjoyment!

I hope this gives you inspiration. Imagine how much more free time you could enjoy by delegating tasks to eager assistants!

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