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Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Optimizing Life, Technology | 0 comments

Home Automation | Your Home Online

Home Automation | Your Home Online

20130226-090250.jpgI have been slowly automating functions in my home over the past few months. Originally, I thought I would be full of ideas and that the list of things to automate would be endless. As it turns out, it was a little harder to think of things. Some of the areas of automation I thought about we already had in place, notably the coffee maker. You can program most coffee makers with the time to turn out, which works great assuming you have filled the water reservoir and put in the coffee the night before. Others require a little more work, such as installing an internet-based home security system or an internet-based thermostat. What I quickly concluded was that while these are all considered automation, most of the changes I’ve introduced are focused on bringing my home online. There are certainly areas that are automated, but what I have developed is a home that I can monitor and control from anywhere I have internet access. The challenge over the next while will be how I can take these implementations and increase the level of automation to save time and money.

So what have I implemented so far?

  1. Home Monitoring and Security System provided by Rogers
  2. Online Learning Thermostat by Nest
  3. Lamps controlled by Belkin Wemo
  4. Bathroom scale by Withings
  5. Music powered by iTunes and Sonos
  6. Utility Usage Monitor provided by Toronto Hydro

Check back for more detailed reviews on each of these and my journey in to automating and improving our lives.


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