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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Optimizing Life, Reviews, Technology | 0 comments

Fiverr | Anything for Five Dollars | What Can Fiverr do for You?

Fiverr | Anything for Five Dollars | What Can Fiverr do for You?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people provide a variety of cheap services ranging from graphical design to technology to entertainment to many others. As the name implies, services are offered for $5, but can increase in price if you add to the service, even into the hundreds of dollars.

I had started to use Fiverr to outsource a handful of holiday tasks and have been fortunate enough to find some good vendors who I continue to work with.

When I was chatting about Fiverr to a good friend of mine, he told me about how he had this great business idea during High School of “anything for a buck”. The folks at Fiverr have taken the playground, we call the internet, and turned his idea, (that’s simply a memory now), into a successful business model.

Can you get anything of value from Fiverr?

Fiverr has its challenges, there are so many people offering services that it’s hard to filter through them; so like any project make sure you understand what your needs are and try to match it up with the service offerings on the site. Secondly, don’t ignore ratings – make sure you’re seeing close to 100% ratings and the comments include a reference to actual work delivered. You will find that the graphic design offerings and video’s will all have links to delivered work. If something isn’t rated, be patient and let someone else try it first. Finally, if the vendor asks for direction or instruction on what you want, make sure it’s sufficiently defined. Basically ensure they know what you are expecting to make this a positive experience for both of you.

Out of the dozen or so gigs that I have purchased, I only really had one dud and I suspect that was because the gig was too oversubscribed and they just couldn’t keep up with demand.

Mack Beatty

Mack as a Minecraft Skin

So what have I used Fiverr for? Well, I first turned to Fiverr to have someone turn the three kids in to varying cartoon characters, so that I could make custom Christmas cards for them each. My favorite was Mack as a skin from Minecraft; I have to say that this turned out really well, and Mack loved it. The second assignment was to create an avatar I could use on Twitter and Facebook. I found this awesome gig that turned me in to a Simpson’s character. I have to say they it was very realistic, and despite the fact that my wife thinks I should steer away from giving folks the opportunity to compare me to Homer, I still use it today. The Gig that got the most attention was taking our family holiday picture and superimposing it in to a snow globe for our annual holiday card.

Beatty Family in a snowglobe

A Fiverr Photoshop expert put this together for our Family Holiday card

Sounds simple right, but for me to do that I would have had to buy Photoshop for $600 and had the patience to do what this guy did. I also had someone design a Logo for, create a couple of draft blog postings and I currently have someone wrapping up a short stop animation advert for my Blog – Yes, only $5 each.

So that’s the positive, but Fiverr does have its fair share of trash and unscrupulous gigs. A lot of which focus on cheating with your SEO, getting someone to do something moronic on video or reviewing your product in a  video testimonial (not sure that’s ethical). That being said, what I consider junk other users may consider their gold.

Fiverr is not going to become your virtual assistant, in my opinion its best at some low cost, good quality graphical design and if you’re lucky you’ll stumble across a good short article writer and something that you didn’t think of that you want to try out.

Now the next article following the life sourcing theme is about Fancy Hands. Fancy Hands offers the services of personal assistants to the masses. The company’s fleet of professional contractors, located throughout the U.S., is always available for service requests around the clock. The army of assistants will do almost anything that doesn’t involve them getting up from their chairs.

I used Fancy Hands to proof read this post – Check back for my experience with their services.

Andrew Beatty | Simpsons Character

A life like Simpson’s character





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