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Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in Optimizing Life, Religion | 0 comments

Creating Space in Your Life | Creating Time for Reflection

Creating Space in Your Life | Creating Time for Reflection

file000763576388It is not surprising that the three main world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, were all born in the desert. It was through the desert that Moses led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. It was from the desert that John the Baptist came to herald the Messiah and soon after Jesus followed to proclaim himself the Messiah. The desert is a purgatory man must pass through to reach paradise.

What is impressive about the desert is its sheer aridity. There is no vegetation, no bird life, and, apart from the odd tiny lizard, almost no animals. The silence is almost total. In that bleak landscape, nothing comes between man and his God. One either discovers God or succumbs to despair. It is no wonder that those Bedouins who ply the salt trade following their caravans across the desert are deeply religious. No life thrives here except the inner life. It is not surprising that it was the Desert Fathers who created that great institution dedicated to fostering inner life, Western monasticism. It has so profoundly marked Christianity that if you are Christian, you are, in a sense, children of the desert.

Living as many of us do, in built up areas, some piled high on top of each other in condominiums, bombarded day and night with the roar of traffic, the bright lights of the downtown, we are in danger of losing our desert roots (and with that our inner life or spirituality). We need to create a time and a space to nurture our spiritual lives.

Creating space in our busy lives

This is all heavy stuff, but my message is about the importance of creating time and space in our day and using that not only to do things we love, or spend time with our family and friends, but all to spend a little bit of time alone reflecting or meditating. For some that involves a God, for others is doesn’t; that’s personal to each of us. As a frequent reader of productivity and self-improvement blogs such as Zenhabits, spirituality is a subtle yet prominent theme that runs through. The simple things in life are often the most important.


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