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Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Caboodle of the Week, Featured | 0 comments

Caboodle of the Week | Mailbox | Biffy Clyro | Maren Kate Donovan

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Site | Mailbox | Best iPhone App for Managing your e-mail inbox to zero


Finding the best iPhone mail application has not been easy. Mailbox may just fit the bill as the most practical e-mail application for the iPhone. This application syncs with your Gmail account and encourages you to get down to inbox zero as quickly as possible by using simple gestures. I have been using this application for about a week now, and I have to say it lives up the hype. You can clearly see why Dropbox purchased them almost sight unseen.
Here’s how it works:
By default, the app’s notification badge tells you the total number of messages sitting in your inbox. Think of the badge almost as a challenge to work your e-mail to quickly get the number down, or if you’re really good, to zero.  If you’re not ready to deal with an email, you can swipe it out of your inbox and tell it to return later when you are.
You also have the ability to swipe the message to the right and delete or archive it. The difference to the traditional approach to e-mail is that you can quickly sift through your inbox in a few seconds. The application isn’t a full application; you still need to use the native Gmail app to do more complicated e-mail management, but if you want to get your e-mail box to zero, and prioritize your task driven from e-mails for later, this is the application to support that. After I have spent a little more time using the application I’ll provide a more detailed review.

Song |Biffy Clyro | Biblical

Another great song and video from their latest album.


Person |Maren Kate Donovan | Zirtual

donovanI use Zirtual, and while the concept of a Virtual Assistant is not new, some services excel while others falter. Zirtual Excels. Maren Kate Donovan created Zirtual in an effort to bring together busy people with virtual executive assistants.  These professional assistants can help handle day-to-day tasks ranging from scheduling upcoming meetings, to researching the best TV and arranging the details of the purchase down to the delivery. Check out my weekly post on the Assisting Evolution where I share what tasks I have delegated in the previous week to my Virtual Assistants!
You can check out Zirtual here and also follow Maren Kate on Twitter @marenkate.

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