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Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Featured, Virtual Assistant | 0 comments

Assisting Evolution | Tasks I’ve Delegated this Week

Assisting Evolution | Tasks I’ve Delegated this Week


Here are some of the cool tasks I’ve delegated to the Assisting Evolution this week:



1) As my right hand (editing) gal, my Zirtual assistant proofread a workplace communique this week. She helps me ensure that I’m putting my best foot forward.

2) I also ask my Zirtual assistant to keep me organized. In the past, my assistant organized my Google Reader account and added new subscriptions. This allows me to stay informed in an organized, managed fashion.

3) Before debuting the new blog design, my Zirtual assistant tested links and tabs. She helps me keep the site at its best.


1) This is a funny one! Our dog chewed my wife’s flip flops. A Fancy Hands assistant is currently searching for a replacement.

2) In yet another great example of effective delegation, I turned to Fancy Hands to convert several PDFs to Word files. (Not terribly exciting, I know, but it allows me to divert my time to higher-level concerns).

3) Fancy Hands assistants are also great with technical tasks! This week, an assistant developed an editable graphic in PPT (PowerPoint) format. This will allow me to edit the text and change colors at any time.

I hope this gives you inspiration. Imagine how much more free time you could enjoy by delegating tasks to eager assistants!

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