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Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Featured, Virtual Assistant | 0 comments

Assisting Evolution | New Assistants and Expedition!

Assisting Evolution | New Assistants and Expedition!


Here are the cool tasks I’ve delegated for assisting this week:

 Zirtual Assisting

1) My Zirtual assistant was awesome and so good at her job that she got promoted. So this last week I’ve been getting to know my new assistant. Zirtual handled everything involved in my transition to a new assistant. My previous assistant introduced me to my new Account Manager and she introduced to my new assistant and after a task or two we’ve been working together great! My view of the transition to a new assistant: smooth and seamless.

 Fancy Hands assisting

1) I needed a new camera while I was in Vegas. A Fancy Hands assistant found a couple locations in Las Vegas and put the camera I was looking for on hold at one location for me. When I wanted to spend less on it she found the same camera online with a lower price. It was a pretty great deal.

2) I am a frequent flier from Canada to the US and back and wanted to expedite my access. I assigned the task on Fancy Hands and an assistant presented the options available to me along with a brief summary of the benefits of both options.

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