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Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Virtual Assistant | 0 comments

Assisting Evolution | Delegation this Week

Assisting Evolution | Delegation this Week


Here are some of the cool tasks I’ve delegated this week:

1) As a blogger invested in the long haul, I focus on marketing. After each blog post, my assistant uploads to Google+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon in addition to sending pings via Ping-o-Matic. I have seen a marked gain in readership since undertaking these efforts.

2) Do you have multiple calendars? Hate missing appointments? Have your assistant consolidate your calendars to keep you on track. By sharing my calendar, my assistant was able to merge my personal, work, and extracurricular calendars in one. I now see my son’s hockey games on my Gcal!

3) Last week I spoke about my interest in my childrens’ education. We recently received my son’s SSAT results. After reviewing the report, I turned to my Zirtual Assistant, a former educator. I asked her to research the scoring parameters and to offer her honest opinion on my son’s performance. Having a dedicated assistant has allowed me to build this trust and for her to offer her thoughts without fear of retribution.

1) I am starting to use Evernote. This week, I had a Fancy Hands assistant source a selection of templates for meeting minutes, etc. My assistant returned a link to KustomNote a program that is not only free but integrates with Evernote!

2) In yet another fine example of delegation, I turned to Fancy Hands to locate potential dog walkers near my home. I asked the assistant to return a summary of services, rates and reviews. I now have a bevy of choices and all the information I need to make an educated decision!

3) In support of my blogging activities, I leveraged Fancy Hands to draft a biography on Leo Babauto (from multiple sources) and to include a cool profile picture. Having this information on hand makes it so much easier for me to focus on writing the posts that you enjoy.

I hope this gives you inspiration. Imagine how much more free time you could enjoy by delegating tasks to eager assistants!

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