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Posted by on Apr 22, 2013 in Featured | 0 comments

Assisting Evolution

Assisting Evolution


Here are some of the cool tasks I’ve delegated to the Assisting Evolution this week:

Fancy Hands

1) I’m traveling to Las Vegas this weekend and figured it might be nice to utilize my smartphone. A Fancy Hands assistant collected a list of the best travel apps for my iPhone 5, complete with a link and description.

2) As I said, I’m traveling to Las Vegas this weekend and to my excitement I’ll be attending the Bon Jovi concert. My curiosity was peaked and I wanted to know the plan so a Fancy Hands assistant collected the setlist for this Saturday’s show for me!

3) I wanted to enroll my youngest daughter in the little readers program at Oxford Learning. A Fancy Pants assistant contacted the learning center and collected the all of the information that I needed and completed a follow up about possible assesment options.

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