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Welcome to Whole Kit and Caboodle, a blog without limits designed to offer insight on anything and everything. Created by Canadian immigrant Andrew Beatty, Whole Kit and Caboodle is written from the perspective of a dedicated father, husband, computer nerd and respected sales executive.

Andrew has been living in Canada since 1993, when he left England to pursue new opportunities in retail banking. He now calls Canada home and became a Canadian Citizen in 2011 (and has been celebrating ever since). Based in Toronto, Andrew is a husband to wife Angela and father of three, “Mack”enzie (11), Carys (5) and Morgan (3). A businessman at heart, Andrew began his career in banking when he lived in the UK. Today, he works for the US-based company FIS, a global, financial services technology company. He’s a respected business and sales executive responsible for business development in the Canadian market.

From an early age, Andrew was passionate about computers and the world of technology. His first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and he’s been involved with the gaming and technology world ever since. Now, he can hardly live without his beloved iPhone and iPad. Though this technophile sometimes indulges in gadgetry, he looks for technology to have a practical impact on his life. At the same time, Andrew supports abandoning technology on certain occasions (playing a family board game, learning how to read a map, etc.) As a father, Andrew is passionate about how his children can benefit from what is around them educationally and he enjoys sharing his interest in all things technological with them. In his free time Andrew loves watching on-demand movies through Netflix and building his iTunes collection. Also interested in health and fitness, he has even turned to technology to lose weight by using a combination of Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to track caloric intake.

As a professional, Andrew is invested in matters of personal productivity, prioritization, and time management. This certified Project Management Professional’s experience includes work with Canada Trust as a project manager as well as a small technology company where he continued his career as a senior project manager. When he first made the move from retail banking to head office at Canada Trust in 1995, he became involved in a number of projects for the retail lending division. This has since led to a full-time project management position that has subsequently launched his Project Manager career. He continues to utilize those skills in his role at FIS Global, even though he now focuses on business development and market strategy.

On a personal level, he has applied the tenets of project management to his daily life by looking at how larger goals and projects can be broken down into manageable and achievable tasks. Since starting this blog in 2011, he has shared his experience with readers with the hope of benefiting others.

Hungry for more? Check out Whole Kit and Caboodle to learn more about this blogger! Whoever you are, whatever your background, Whole Kit and Caboodle invites you to learn, share and discover with us.