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Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in Caboodle of the Week, Entertainment, Reviews, Technology, Video | 0 comments

Caboodle of the Week | Socialbro | Bowie | Ross Schafer

Caboodle of the Week | Site | Song | Somebody


| Site |Socialbro

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.03.37 PM
This application answered all my prayers when it came to effectively managing and growing my Twitter community. Socialbro is classified as a comprehensive social media marketing suite and it certainly lives up to that, but fortunately the price tag is not prohibitive. I’m often overwhelmed by this type of application, but this is very intuitive and very effective. The dashboard presentation is excellent, and allows you to understand your Twitter world instantly; in addition, you can dive through a number of widgets that are embedded in the application. There is also integration with buffer that, through Socialbro, manages your optimal times to tweet to enjoy the greatest readership.

I am consistent when I say that data is essential to making good decisions, whether it’s about what you eat who you connect with online. At the end of the day I want to be relevant to those I share information with, whether it’s this posting or information or advice I share on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. This tool helps you hone in by analyzing and recommending those tweeters who are more likely to appreciate the information you shared and more likely to pass that information on and grow your readership. The tool assists you in weeding out undesirables that follow you and effectively manage your ratio between friends and followers. If you don’t add value to someone and vice versa, then it makes no sense to follow each other. At the end of the day, Socialbro allows you to bring quality to your Twitter world, thus making you more relevant.

| Song |David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

David Bowie’s video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight), the second single from his album The Next Day, stars Bowie and actor Tilda Swinton living the life of a normal suburban couple. Directed by Floria Sigismondi and shot by Jeff Cronenweth, the video is simple yet powerful. It seems that Bowie is on a journey of nostalgia. In many ways he is presenting his greatest hits as a new album with new songs. How original is that? Throughout the new songs there are many references to his past work, and it reflects his current status of being older and wiser about the world he once lead. The good news is that Bowie looks healthy and active. Many fans were concerned that his reclusive lifestyle in the past few years would result in a paucity of additions to his expansive music catalog. So, good news for fans as Bowie still has something original to offer.

| Somebody | Ross Schafer

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.15.57 PM
I had the good fortune last week to attend a conference in Orlando, Florida. The great thing about conferences is your access to a keynote speaker. I’ve been fortunate to see quite a few, but often the value quickly diminishes when you return home. I have to say that this time, things are a little different. The key note this time was Ross Shafer – yes, the ex-talk show and quiz host. His topic for the presentation was “are we still relevant.” His presentation was outstanding! He has the unique ability to deliver important messages in a casual and humorous manner. He wasn’t there to pump you up, or teach you optimism; he was there to show you how to introduce key strategies and tactics into your home and work life with real life examples. One area of focus that is near and dear to my heart is that sometimes you don’t have to create a complicated solution to a problem. Think simple! I have attached link to his bio and a few video links. If you do get the chance to see Ross I would definitely go. If you can’t do that, then try some of his books.



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